Digital Billboard Advertising gives you the freedom to take you message anywhere.

LED Truck can go virtually anywhere, with banners, providing new avenues
for targeted out of home advertising and experiential marketing campaigns
at another level!

Mobile billboard advertising is less costly than running commercials or even
using a stationary billboard. It is perhaps the most proficient type of ad on a
careful spending plan.

Your ad will be on a truck 7200 times a month in rotation with other advertisers and we only have a maximum eight advertises so you will be seen every two minutes.

We offer Daily Routes and Hourly Rentals.

In the price is included a free promotion daily on our facebook so that all our followers know about your business.

Our LED billboard Truck is seen by thousands of drivers each day, anywhere and anytime. We help our customers get their brand in front of the right customers to make a lasting impression.


Tampa Bay Area


Tuesday – Friday
7200 Times per Month

Call (813.864.7676) for more details